In early 2015, I created a few proof of concept maps relating to geology and plate tectonics. They’re hackish, but work.

heightMap was created first. It uses the NASA JPL GPS Time Series data to plot the vertical velocity of different locations on the earth’s surface.
- The map uses circles of varying sizes and colors to convey velocity.
- Blue represents inward velocity while red represents outward.
- Circles with an orange outline have been scaled down by 10.
- Velocity in mm/yr is equal to circle diameter in km divided by 10,000.

hotMap was created shortly after heightMap. hotMap is a simple visualization of data obtained from a database of known or speculated geologic “hotspots”. Sadly, I am unable to find the original data or its source.
- Circle diameter has no relation to the hotMap’s data and only appears different due to the projection method.