- Q: Why the name CableCat Dynamics?
  A: The name had been bouncing around my head for a while and a 5 letter .com
     was available for it. It's not very often you can get a relevant 5 letter
     .com. That and I'm absolutely terrible with names and take what I can get.

- Q: What's with the website design? It looks terrible.
  A: Well, I'm not exactly what you might call a front-end engineer. Going
     text-based makes everything far more easy on me while giving the site some
     semblance of a unique style. And hey, I do everything in the CLI so it
     just feels natural.

- Q: You're definitely not a front-end engineer. So what are you?
  A: I'm an information security researcher.

- Q: Why doesn't the site have ads? Everyone has ads.
  A: I downright despise ads. Even if this website got enough traffic to
     generate any semblance of revenue, I wouldn't enable any. I can say
     without a shadow of a doubt that this website will never have any ads.

- Q: I want to contact you for some reason. How do I do so?
  A: Send an email to Geo at "admin@{insert domain name here}"

- Q: You have stats on a bunch of furry stuff? ...Why?
  A: The furry fandom has fascinated me ever since I read into it a bit back in
     2008. I've found it to be a very unique and diverse community filled with
     people from all different walks of life. Combine that with enjoying
     collecting and displaying data, and there you go.

- Q: Your coding sucks.
  A: That's not a question.