Notes.txt: where notes are.

- The initial statistics gathering portion was first initialized on 15-03-19 and was in a constant state of development until the end of 15-03-20. Since the script was ran multiple times in a single day, much of the differential stats are a bit funky. They're valid... just funky.

- During the IMVU buyout exodus on Furaffinity (15-03-19 to 15-03-25), it was calculated that over 70,500 posts were permanently deleted. This number was calculated by adding the total negative difference to the total posts posted during the 5 day period of notable deletion. We can do this as the negative differences indicate more deletions than posts, so anything posted during this time can be assumed as counteracted by at least one deletion.

- The data gathering portion for Weasyl was upgraded to include adult submissions. After this change was made, unexpected data on the ratio of adult to safe artwork was made available. Most notably, Horses have the highest number with a ratio of almost 1 to 1. Other notable species with an abnormally high ratio include rabbits, mice, skunks, and sharks. Interestingly, there were no species with a notably low ratio.

- The active users on Furaffinity began displaying very odd spikes. About 9,000 users came online in a 15 minute period, stayed active for a little under 3 hours, and then became inactive between another 15 minute period. Interestingly, load times did not seem to be affected. Similar but smaller spikes were noted for the next few days. Cause remains unknown.

- Some load data was lost and occurrence data is delayed. This is because we moved servers and the new box didn't have Curl. Whoops.

- The search function for Weasyl seemed to experience some issues during the move. Search timings had to be increased as well as a bug with the backgrounding fixed. A number of data points may be missing in the few days around this time.

- The search term 'fox' was added to the list. How we missed fox, the second most popular species in the entire fandom, I will never know.

- The search function for Furaffinity encountered issues returning logged in search results. Data for this day was purged from all Furaffinity files.

- Furaffinity enabled a substantial amount of additional ads. The following morning, Weasyl's post difference had more than doubled.

- A bogus abuse report was filed by the Indiana University. This led to the temporary suspension of our server and subsequent loss of two day's worth of occurrence data. In the off chance you happen to be net/sec staff at the Indiana U, please check your automated port scan abuse scripts.

- Near 1300 UTC, Weasyl removed the user information from their footer. As such, all user data from Weasyl will no longer be available. Before being removed, the user statistics showed a notable decline in active users. The daily average decreased by 28% (400 users) over the span of a month.

- Weasyl re-implemented user information in their footer. As such, user data from Weasyl WILL be available. As long as the footer isn't removed again, that is.

- InkBunny was added to the loads measurement module.

- It was concluded that InkBunny could not be included in the occurrence search operations. Results are capped at 10,000, both in the API and conventional searches, and many search terms pass this cap.

- The primary program was updated along with the user data graphs getting an overhaul. userDiff and userTotal will no longer be available. Their source of data led them to be unusable. However, userAverage has been created. This contains processed data from the loads section averaged out day-by-day.

- Furaffinity's average daily users has been increasing significantly for the past month or so (over 50% increase of 5000+ users). However, post differences appear unchanged. With recent reports of botted accounts, it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

- Approximately 5000 users stopped being active on Furaffinity overnight. Interestingly, the user loads appear to have been increasing as normal until a 4 hour span where activity dropped significantly and instantaneously in what appeared to be two mass banings. This is likely related to reports of botted accounts.

- A basic set of web pages for the project was set up! The project isn't exactly ready for the public, but it's getting there.

- Occurrence collection for Weasyl began experiencing issues. Incorrect occurrence data for this day has been purged.

- Occurrence collection for Weasyl continued to experience issues and the footer changed to no longer contain detailed user stats. Incorrect occurrence data for this day has been purged. Aditionally, a bug in the primary program's error handling was located and squashed.

- Issues during a datacenter migration kept our server offline longer than expected. As such, occurrence data could not be collected.

- Intermittent unexpected shutdowns prevented occurrence collection for a few days. Occurrence data for this period has been purged.